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12mm x 20m Wear Resistant Paracord

12mm x 20m Wear Resistant Paracord

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Material: polyester sheath, high-strength silk core
Carrying capacity: 1500kg

1. High-quality polyester sheath: It is made of polyester-reinforced silk and precisely woven by a special process. It is highly wear-resistant, non-slip, and easy to clean.
2. Moderate softness: using high-quality raw materials, 12mm tightly woven, clear lines, fine and smooth skin. Soft and easy to knot, not easy to trip
3. High-quality nylon inner core: take the lead in using nanotechnology to create ultra-fine nylon strands, and twist and synthesize a strong inner core several times, with strong tensile force
4. Reinforced sewing: the sewing button has a tension of 2.5 tons, machine sewing, insurance, thickened heat shrinkable tube, good high temperature resistance, and effective protection of the rope
5. Ultra-light rope body: The rope itself is light, can float in the water, easy to carry and easy to use

Packing list:
1 * climbing rope(12mm*20m)
2 * big iron hook

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