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Victron Resistive Tank Sender Adapter VE.Can

Victron Resistive Tank Sender Adapter VE.Can

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Resistive Tank Sender Adapter VE.Can

The VE.Can resistive tank sender adapter allows a standard resistive tank level sender to connect to the Color Control GX. It is compatible with both European standard 0-180 Ohm and United States standard 240-30 Ohm tank level senders and is accurate to ±1%. It is easily configurable to resistive senders from fuel, freshwater, wastewater, well water, oil, and black water (sewage) tanks. It supports up to 16 tanks of each type. The unit is a simple setup with two small rotary switches and it gets its power from the VE.Can network.

When you use a Skylla-i or an MPPT with CAN bus in the system, the power to the CAN bus will be supplied by either one of them. When the CAN bus is not powered by a Skylla-I or an MPPT, you will need the new VE.Can Power Cable to supply the power.

Please contact your dealer for any returns, repairs or support issues related to this product.

Package Size:
Length = 5in
Width = 5in
Height = 4in
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