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Infuze - 32oz Clear Plastic Water Bottle with Flavor Lid

Infuze - 32oz Clear Plastic Water Bottle with Flavor Lid

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Refillable Flavor Tank

Behold! The result of two years of engineering in one little lid. And it only takes seconds to take the cartridge out, fill it with delicious Infuze Elixir flavor, and pop it back in to enjoy hydration with the perfect amount of taste.

Whats in the box?

  • Black Infuze lid with refillable flavor tank and straw
  • 32oz Plastic Clear Infuze Bottle
  • Instruction manual

Hydrate Like You Mean It

  • 75% of Americans suffer from fatigue, muscle cramps, depression, kidney stones, high blood pressure, thirst, and a whole lot of other problems — just because they don’t drink enough water!
  • Infuze makes water taste good, meaning you drink 3X more of it.
  • BONUS: When you’re hydrated, you get a healthier heart, finely-tuned joints and muscles, a cooler body temp, and some of that soft-and-supple, babylike skin.

An Open-Minded Hydration Relationship

Is your stainless steel Vessel bottle in the wash? No problem! With our universal mixing lid, you can use the Infuze system on almost any big-mouth bottle — HydroFlask, Camelback, Nalgene, and more.

Mix It Up With Flavors and Infusions

Why settle for plain old water? Choose from your favorite Infuze Elixirs™ or any type of concentrated
flavoring. Need something more? Add vitamin supplements, protein infusions, or caffeine.


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