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GROCO U-Lube Cartridge - 3oz. *2-Pack (Pack of 4)

GROCO U-Lube Cartridge - 3oz. *2-Pack (Pack of 4)

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U-Lube Cartridge - 3oz. *2-Pack

U-lube is a long lasting waterproof grease specially formulated to lubricate and protect internal ball valve components, and to discourage nuisance marine growth. U-lube's tacky texture keeps it where it is applied, and helps provide maximum protection against wear, rust, and water washout in non-ball valve applications such as bushings and bearings exposed to wet conditions and a wide range of temperatures.

For ball valve applications a zerk fitting replaces the drain plug, enabling U-lube to be injected into the cavity between the valve body and the ball while the valve is in the OPEN position. The approximate volume of grease required to fill GROCO ball valves and the grease volume for other valve brands will be similar.


  • Size: 3 oz.
  • 2-Pack

Package Size:
Length = 8in
Width = 4in
Height = 2in
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