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GROCO Bronze Vented Loop - 1" Hose

GROCO Bronze Vented Loop - 1" Hose

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Bronze Vented Loop - 1" Hose


  • Allows air to enter to break siphon, but does not permit air and odors to escape! Cap is threaded 1/2" NPT to accept a barb fitting if you wish to vent overboard.
  • Overboard venting is required if PVL or HVL series is used in an exhaust system.
  • HVL and PVL series vented loops assure clog-free anti-siphon protection for sanitation or engine exhaust systems. The oversized vent valve can easily be removed for inspection or cleaning without tools.
  • Mount Hardware is included.

Package Size:
Length = 8in
Width = 7in
Height = 3in
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