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Carver Straps Support System w/Support Pole

Carver Straps Support System w/Support Pole

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Straps Support System with Support Pole

Eliminates virtually all possible areas that could collect water and allow it to pool, causing damage to the cover. This system is designed for simplicity with two pre-installed, adjustable 20-foot straps that snap quickly to the rear tow hooks and one 40-foot adjustable strap to cradle the bow. System fits up to 28-foot boats. For pontoon boats, two systems are required and can easily be joined to create a perfect “frame” for the pontoon cover. Each system comes with one adjustable (40″ to 70″) support pole, system center, strap set and simple installation instructions.

Package Size:
Length = 22in
Width = 7in
Height = 3in
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