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Bennett Joystick Helm Control (Electric Only)

Bennett Joystick Helm Control (Electric Only)

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Joystick Helm Control (Electric Only)

Charles Bennett originally introduced adjustable trim tabs with joystick controls inspired by aircraft ailerons and controls. The joystick helm control acclaimed for it’s instinctive and intuitive interface is back—with a sleek redesign! Reduce bow rise, plane faster, and correct listing.


  • Easily trim your vessel like a boss!
  • Instinctive and intuitive feel and operation
  • Backed by Bennett’s outstanding customer support
  • Connects directly to your actuators with plug-and-play connectors
  • Auto tab retraction (tabs retract up when the ignition is powered off)
This product may not be returned to the original point of purchase. Please contact the manufacturer directly with any issues or concerns.

Package Size:
Length = 8in
Width = 6in
Height = 4in
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