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Balmar Max Charge MC618 Multi-Stage Regulator w/o Harness - 12V

Balmar Max Charge MC618 Multi-Stage Regulator w/o Harness - 12V

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Max Charge MC618 Multi-Stage Regulator without Harness - 12V

Balmar's MC-618 Regulator communicates with the SG200 Battery Monitor to provide information to the SG200 Color Display and Smartphone App. Now you can see how the MC-618 Regulator is directing your onboard charging activity from either the SG200 2" Color Display and/or the optional Bluetooth Smartphone App.

Basic setup functions can be accomplished from the SG200 Color Display, Smartphone App, or the traditional on-regulator programming tool. Advanced Programming functions are available from the Bluetooth Smartphone App. Balmar customers have been asking for years to view regulator information from outside the engine compartment. Balmar has accomplished this goal without the need for a separate dedicated display device!

This product may not be returned to the original point of purchase. Please contact the manufacturer directly with any issues or concerns.

Package Size:
Length = 4in
Width = 4in
Height = 2in
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