Infuze FAQs

Prime Your Vessel

Your vessel will need to be primed before use. These instructions should have been included with your product.

  1. Remove form packaging and wash your vessel with warm, soapy water.
  2. Fill your flavor tank. Make sure the duckbill valve is in place and your tank lid is closed.
  3. Fill vessel with ice and water.
  4. Place your cartridge to the side as you prime your system.
  5. Turn the dial fully clockwise to turn on system.
  6. Place your finger over the bottom end of the silicon straw and forcefully suck on the mouthpiece for a few seconds (you will hear and feel the air pulling thru the system).
  7. Repeat sucking motion 2-3 times.
  8. Place flavor tank back on lid and turn dial to water. Drink until air bubbles are gone and only water comes thru.
  9. Turn your dial to full flavor and drink. You will need to suck hard for the first initial flavor pull to fill the mixing chamber and get the system going. Turn the dial down to the amount you want and enjoy.

Cleaning your Vessel

We have two cleaning recommendations to keep your vessel running smoothly, daily and weekly cleaning.

Daily Cleaning: recommended for optimal Infuze Vessel use. Perfect for Infuze users who carry their bottle daily.

  1. Remove the Cartridge, fill it with water and rinse out any of the remaining flavor until the water runs clear.
  2. Fill the Cartridge with water, seal the cartridge with the black seal, and reinsert into Vessel lid.
  3. Remove Vessel lid and plug the Straw with your finger.
  4. With the straw still plugged, suck on the Mouthpiece. This removes any remaining flavor inside the Vessel.
  5. Blow air into the Straw, place upside down and allow to dry.

Weekly Cleaning: recommended in addition to Daily Cleaning. Together they help ensure the Infuze Vessel is clean and functioning well.

  1. Remove the lid from the bottle.
  2. Follow steps 1-4 under “Daily Cleaning”.
  3. Remove the Straw, ensure the flavor dial is turned completely on (clockwise), fully open the Mouthpiece, and hand wash with warm water
  4. To avoid bacteria growth, it is very important you let all the pieces dry completely before reassembly.

Cleaning your Hydro

For Short-term Storage (1-6 days):

  1. Turn the flavor dial to the off position (counterclockwise).
  2. Drink through the mouthpiece until water flows clear.
  3. Store system in the upright position to avoid damage or leaking.

For Mid-term Storage (1-3 weeks):

  1. First remove the flavor tank and discard the flavor cartridge. If the cartridge will be reused, rinse with warm water and allow to dry.
  2. Turn the flavor dial to the “on” position (clockwise).
  3. With your Infuze system still attached to a hydration pack, insert the tank straw into a cup of warm water and draw approximately 4 ounces of water through the system.
  4. To avoid bacteria growth, damage, and cracking store the system in a dry, cool place.

For Long-term Storage (1 month+):

  1. Remove the flavor tank and discard the flavor cartridge. It is not recommended to reuse the cartridge after long term storage. Contact Infuze or your local retailer for replacement cartridges.
  2. Follow steps 2 and 3 under “Mid-term storage”.
  3. Turn the flavor dial to the off position.
  4. Remove all tubing from the hydro
  5. Remove the tank straw.
  6. Flush both the inlet and outlet ports on the mixing chamber with warm water.
  7. If possible, allow disassembled piece to completely dry for 6-12 hours
  8. Store disassembled pieces in a dry, cool place.

What flavor can I use

You can use any liquid flavor enhancer with our products. Some dilution may be required. To avoid staining, it is recommended to use un-dyed or naturally colored supplements and flavors.

Preventing leaking

  1. Always check your system for cracks or dents, especially the tank.
  2. Make sure the black rubber gasket in the flavor tank is firmly in place.
Always keep your Infuze in a vertical or semi-vertical position with the tank below the mixing chamber.


Flavor is very weak

This should be an easy fix. On top of your flavor tank there is a silicon seal. This is your duckbill valve and it allows airflow into the cartridge. Sometimes this valve can be stuck closed due to hot weather or sticky flavor. This creates a vacuum and will prevent the system from working. Remove it and squeeze it so that you can see through it, reinsert and try drinking! If this doesn’t fix your problem contact support.

    Vessel Specific Instructions.

    1. Always completely close the mouthpiece when not in use.
    2. Turn off the flavor dial prior to removing the flavor cartridge.

    My Vessel or Hydro Leaks

    For the Infuze Hydro, follow the instructions under “PREVENT LEAKING”

    For the Infuze Vessel

    1. Check your system for cracks or other damage, especially the Cartridge.
    2. Ensure that the Cartridge is completely inserted into the lid.
    3. Close the mouthpiece completely.
    4. When removing the Cartridge, turn off the flavor dial (counterclockwise) and tilt the bottle forward (Cartridge opening facing down). Wipe out any flavor or water that may remain once the cartridge is removed.
    5. Ensure the Mouthpiece is closed when you remove and replace your lid.
    6. When drinking hot beverages in the Vessel, slowly open the Mouthpiece to allow pressure in the bottle to equalize.
    7. Always keep the Vessel in an upright position when not in use

    If these steps do not help you stop your system from leaking please reach out to us via the form at the bottom of the page.