6.5 ways to improve your camping experience

Written by  Sierra Bursett - March 25, 2021
Editor's Note: The information published in this story is accurate at the time of publication.


Man drinking water

[1] Keep Yourself hydrated

Water is necessary for our joints and muscles to function properly giving you a healthy hiking trip. It keeps us cool and boosts exercise performance.

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Person getting some rest

[2] Rest

It is important to get rest and lots of sleep. This helps us think more clearly, altogether improving sports performance. It also relieves stress and lifts our mood.
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Warm campfire

[3] Stay warm

Just like it is beneficial to keep cool in the heat, staying warm in the cold can benefit too. Warmth keeps our blood flowing through our body and to our brain. It also increases our mental performance and alertness.





[4] Pack what you need

When you go on a trip, it is important to know what you should bring in advance. Sometimes swimming gear is necessary and sometimes snow boots. So make sure to find out what you should bring before you embark on an adventure! Did you know that many first time multi-night hikers overpack causing additional strain on the hike? Typically this is excess food.




Foggy weather

[5] Check the weather

It is a good idea to check the weather before heading on a camping trip. Ever been on a trip that started dry and ended soaked? Unexpected weather changes can occur, so make sure to pack light rain gear even on a sunny day just in case! Check the elevation of your hike, as this can lead to colder weather and possibly less wind resistance around you.



 Hot air balloons

[6] Try new activites

Check out what events and activities take place around where you plan to camp. Some activities may include hiking, ziplining, and kayaking. Knowing about and planning in advance can add a fun thrill to your day.





[6.5] Huh...

If you were wondering about the .5, here it is! We're ecstatic that you made it to the end and we hope this was helpful to you. We would love for you to give our hiking and camping gear a try. Have an amazing camping adventure!!